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Happy Teacher's Appreciation Week! 
All of Mrs. Alegrete's Favorite Things: 
Color: Pink
Drink: Starbucks Pink Drink
Snacks: Pistachios, M&Ms
Gift Card Places: Amazon, Starbucks, Target
Interests: Disney stuff! 
Teacher items: post its, thank you cards, flair pens 
Language Arts: 
The theme for the week is:  Good Neighbors
In Phonics we will learn letter and sounds for:  All letters (review)
Our sight words are:  Review all sight words
Phonological Awareness: Tracking Syllables
Fluency:   Read with Expression
Vocabulary Strategies:  Synonyms
Grammar:  Prepositions: in, on, out, off, by
Writing: Opinion writing
Focus Trait: Development
Target Skills:  Understanding Characters
Essential Questions: What can I do to be a good friend and neighbor?
Second Step:
Having fun with our friends
Fun Facts
Social Studies:
Where we live
Fun with Spring
I will be available for office hours daily from 12:30-1:30 on Zoom. Please email me to schedule an appointment. 
School Meal Order Form (must be filled out by 8:30 am each morning)