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Hello Altamont Families,


February is here and so is the Spring weather! The push to standards mastery that I spoke of in the January 12th edition of the Panther News is intensifying and will continue to do so the closer we get to the CAASPP Test in April! Speaking of the CAASPP Test;


*CAASPP Testing Dates – Please save the dates from April 16th through the 27th as this will be the 2-week window where we will conduct and complete our testing for all students in grades 3-8! Different grade levels will test on different dates within this window however we are asking our families to ensure that students do not miss school during this time period. Therefore, do not schedule any appointments, plan any trips or make any arrangements that cause your child/children to miss school.


*Student of The Month – We had a very festive student of the month assembly on January 31st where we honored students for our C of “Critical Thinking” (please see the recipients below)!  At the assembly I spoke to our 5th-8th grade students about the importance of critical thinking outside of the classroom. I explained that there is a “war” waging for the control of our minds, that there is lots of information that’s presented to us as truthful or beneficial when in fact it’s untruthful and harmful to us. I explained that how we think could very well become a matter of life and death. I further explained that the only defense we have against this is critical thinking.


*Independent Study Contracts -  On the subject of missing school, every year we receive many requests for independent study contracts. Independent study contracts may be provided to students who will be absent from school for between 5-10 days. Many of these requests are made to accommodate family vacations that are planned during school. This is unacceptable given the amount of breaks we have during the school year and the length of our summer.


Another problem we’re having with independent study contracts is that students are failing to complete the school work they’re given on the day they return to school as the independent study contract requires. Not only does this cost our school money and place an undue burden on our teachers, it puts the student behind academically


We are asking for your cooperation not to schedule vacations when school is in session. If students have to miss school for between 5-10 days for unavoidable reason, we ask that you give us at least 10 days’ notice when possible and that your child completes the work during their absence and turns it in the day they return to school.


OK Panthers, have an awesome 3-day weekend in honor of President Lincoln’s birthday!



James Yeager
Altamont Elementary School








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