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Mr. DeCarie's Music Room!

9/14: New permanent Zoom links are posted now on Google Classroom!
8/31: Zoom lessons start this week!! Meeting information will be in your Google Classroom.
8/14: Asynchronous lessons start Monday, August 17th and will be posted once a week. Google Classroom will have the lessons for TK-5th Grade in them. Canvas will have the lessons for 6th-8th Grade.
Synchronous lessons start Monday, August 31st and will be held on Zoom! Lessons for 6th-8th Grade will be held daily while lessons for TK-5th Grade will be held weekly.
8/13: It's a new year! Check back here regularly for updates!
9/28: TK-K: Different Voices
1st-2nd: Meter
3rd-5th: Music Alphabet
9/14: TK-1st: Steady Beat
2nd-3rd: Percussion Family
4th-5th: Pop Music
8/31: TK-1st Grade: High and Low / The Importance of Sharing
2nd-3rd Grade: Instrument Families: Strings
4th-5th Grade: Musical Genres (Rock!)
8/13-8/14: Welcome back! Check your Google Classroom next week for assignments!
9/28: Band - Month Goals
Choir - Country Roads Verses
9/14: Band - F Scale
Choir - Country Roads
8/31: Band - Scales and Melody Overview (Fur Elise)
Choir - Fundamentals and Vocal Warm-Ups
8/13-8/14: Welcome back! Check Canvas next week for assignments!
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6. Enter the Google Classroom code (emailed 8/14).
Lessons will be posted in Canvas.