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Mrs. Fobert's TK Class

Welcome to Transitional Kindergarten! 
I am so excited to be your child's teacher and look forward to a great year of learning and growth!
School starts Thursday, 8/12.  Students can gather on the playground (far east side of campus) after 7:45 am.  The bell rings at 8:05 am and students will line up on the purple "X's and then walk to the classroom together.  School ends at 2:10 pm and students will be dismissed at the gate near our classroom.  On Fridays, school ends at 1:30 pm.  
Free breakfast is served in the Cafeteria at 7:45 each morning.  Free lunch is also provided this year, or students may bring a lunch from home.  Please be sure your student knows if they're having home lunch or school lunch each day.  The school menus is here:   https://lammersville.healtheliving.net.  Help your student select their menu option before coming to school.  Please email me if your child has any dietary restrictions.
Please send a small snack (packed separately from their home lunch), a water bottle, backpack, and mask with a lanyard, with your student daily.  Backpacks, snacks, lunches and water bottles will be kept outside the classroom.  
Below is the voluntary supply list.  I greatly appreciate your contributions!  
This week we will introduce classroom rules and procedures, and get to know one another.
Please email me if to schedule an appointment if you'd like to meet.